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About Disha Delphi Public School

Disha Delphi Public School, spread in a sprawling seven acres of land, is committed to set very high standards in academic and co-curricular activities. We aim at an all-round development of our each & every student. Affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education New Delhi, the school offers high standard academic modules from Pre-Primary to class 12th.

We create stimulating, warm, open, caring and community-centric atmosphere to shape our learners into achievers. At DDPS, brightly lit corridors, atriums and classrooms resonate with creative energy. The school boasts of vast play areas for football, basketball, tennis and cricket along with a shooting range. The lush green lawns, seasonal colourful flowers are a treat for the eyes and make the atmosphere very congenial for studies. At DDPS, learning extends beyond the classrooms. We create and maintain facilities that enhance the physical and psychological well being of students. Here, the scholar is an academic achiever, an athlete, an orator, an artist, or whatever his special talent. Growing in a multi-cultural environment of inclusion, the students look at the DDPS experience as a foundation of physical and mental values that will make them confident and healthy global citizens and leaders of tomorrow.

Our Vision

Through our motto, EXCELLENCE IN EDUCATION, our school cultivates an all-round development that fosters academic knowledge & understanding, brilliance, spiritual well– being, psychological strengths, creative skills, physical development, resourcefulness, social responsibility and concern for one’s environment. Through this MISSION, we wish to realize our VISION of moulding our students into

Our Mission

“We aspire to help our learners walk down the road which leads them to develop a thirst for knowledge, such that its discovery leads to the enrichment of life for them as individuals and as a community.

Disha Delphi Public School prepares the students to understand, contribute to, and succeed in a rapidly changing society, and thus make the world a better and a more progressive place.

We will ensure that our students develop both- the skills that a sound liberal arts education provides and the competencies essential for success and leadership in the dynamically emerging world. We will also lead in generating practical and theoretical knowledge that enables people to understand our world better and improve conditions for local and global communities. We will try to make the school adapted to the child’s need instead of making the child adapt to the school.

We inspire the children to dream and develop in them an inquisitive mind to make those dreams come true. We help them to develop a scientific mind, an athletic body and a pilgrim’s soul by providing a suitable environment.

Our VAlues







We infuse these values in every bit of the DDPS experience.