Fundamental to the development of a strong and confident personality is the need to be able to present yourself distinctly and knowledgeably, perform wholeheartedly and compete confidently with conviction in a variety of situations. Inter-School Competitions inculcate perfect outlet for skills and knowledge that the students gain in the classrooms. It is also an opportunity to compete with their friends and achieve something worthwhile, while maintaining the spirit of competition. Engaging in Intra-School Competitions makes a substantial contribution to a student’s school life.

Apart from these activities, there are a plethora of co-curricular activities which are woven into the academic timetable and which take place during the activity periods. Each activity gives unique opportunities for creativity and development that caters to a child’s passion and interest. We celebrate four weeks

Art week Science week Sports week Cultural week

Independence Day, Annual day and Republic Day celebrations are some of our special occasions which are graced by eminent personalities and dignitaries. In addition to this, we celebrate all major festivals like Janamastmi, Diwali,Christmas, Barawafat , Lohdi to name a few. With the intention of making each student feel special, the birthdays of our students are celebrated in the school. We celebrate Grand Parents’ Day every year ;thus helping the student in bonding more closely with the family.

By our ways of JUBILATION, children can envision a world that is different from the world they know, and thus celebration opens the possibility of living in the world in a new way, rather than simply accepting the world as it is.