Academic Environment

DDPS is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). English is the medium of instruction. Interdisciplinary and experiential learning is encouraged to strengthen conceptual knowledge. The environment to which a child is exposed strongly impacts the development of his/her personality. Our objective is to develop spontaneity, inculcate a healthy spirit of competition and nurture the will to excel. It is proven that active participation in activities outside the classroom has a direct impact on the performance inside it. We facilitate ease in the learning of complex lessons as the lessons are simplified to match the level of understanding of the children.

We believe that learning is an interactive process wherein each student has a different disposition towards knowledge and learning. Our class strength is small to allow the teachers to personalize the curriculum for a child to learn in the way he or she enjoys. We treat each student as a distinct individual with his/her own uniqueness, strengths, weaknesses and cultural diversity. We believe in creating an interactive and engrossing environment that stimulates the desire to be inquisitive and learn new skills and concepts. The efforts are to remain abreast with the latest in the field of education, so that the academic programme remains contemporary and rigorous at all times.

The school provides best-in-class infrastructure facilities to the students. The learning needs of each student are met in an environment that is supportive and affirming. Peer tutoring, remedial and enrichment classes are regularly conducted to optimize learning outcomes.