Middle School

Class 6th to 8th

Developing Thinking and Reasoning Skills

At Disha Delphi Public School, the Middle School works to provide a balance between attention to basics, development of necessary skills and knowledge. At this stage students explore a wide variety of interests and experiences. The curriculum is based keeping Science, Mathematics, English, Social Studies, Third Language and Arts at the core.

The young teens of middle school are embarking on a lifelong task of developing personal identity and acquiring social skills. Academically, they are developing higher levels of thinking and reasoning skills, while socially, peer group approval gains importance as they begin to develop their own values and make their own decisions. We offer our students a well- balanced programme that provides a stimulating academic environment, exposure to arts & culture as well as promotes physical activity and a healthy life style.

Co‐curricular activities are incorporated into academic time‐table as per CCE guidelines whereby students have an opportunity to learn the basics of these skills by being exposed to them regularly.